ConGregate 10

Guest of Honor Policy

Each year, ConGregate will invite a limited number of Guests of Honor (GoH).

Invited Guests of Honor will be compensated as follows:

  1. One (1) complimentary membership to the convention, plus 1 additional membership, if needed, for a companion.
  2. The option to buy up to two (2) additional memberships at $30.00 each (prior to July 1, 2024) 
  3. Prominent advertising as a GoH on our website and advertising materials
  4. Inclusion in the program book
  5. We will provide each GoH at least 1 hour of signing time, if requested. Additional time may be granted as scheduling permits.
  6. Some, or all, travel expenses may be covered by ConGregate (specifics will need to be negotiated).
  7. A vendor table may also be paid for by ConGregate, depending of the needs of the GoH.

As a guest, we request the following of you:

  1. We request that each GoH participate in a minimum of 8 hours of programming (panels, performances, workshops, etc.) during the convention.
  2. A headshot for the website (.jpg or .png file formats preferred) and a copy of your current bio.
  3. If possible, a donation of a physical item, or service, to be sold at our charity auction, would be greatly appreciated as well. 

A Final Note on How We Select Our Guests

It is our intention to consider an individual’s contribution to the genre ahead of all else when whether a GoH is appropriate for ConGregate. In today's era of social media, however, we may be forced to consider the financial impact a guest might have on the convention. If we believe a guest's actions will have a significant, negative impact on convention attendance, it's possible we may find ourselves having to respectfully rescind a GoH's invitation.