ConGregate 10

2024 Dealer Room

Location: Hearn Ballroom (B-C-D) - Marriott Hotel


Please note we are moving the dealer room this year to make it more accessible to attendees. Main programming will now be on the far end of the Hearn Ballroom in section A.


Please be aware, the conference space AC runs on a single chiller. It's either on or off (off could get dangerous in July). Some rooms can get very cold. We highly suggest vendors bring layers.

Please read carefully.


  • You may apply for the space using the form on this page. Note: You will be expected to have read our Dealer Room Policies below first.
  • All dealer space is juried. ConGregate will select dealers based the merchandise that best suites our fans, and represents the least possible duplication with other dealers.
  • Beginning in 2022, ConGregate will rotate out some of our dealers each year. The space is not particularly large, and we have been bringing back many of the same dealers, year over year. If you have been to ConGregate several times recently, please do not feel slighted if we elect to have someone different for the upcoming year - especially with merchandise where there have been a lot of dealers applying each year. It’s not personal; we just simply need to offer opportunities to other dealers who have been patiently waiting. We urge you to reapply for the following year.
  • The Dealer Application is NOT a contract. We will contact you within 2-3 weeks of your application to advise if you have been accepted. At that time, an official contract will be sent out. 
  • Due to liability concerns, we will typically not be able to accept any dealers whose merchandise includes copyrighted images or materials, unless the vendor can provide proof that they have permission to use/sell those images or materials.


ConGregate reserves the right to refuse space to anyone without further explanation.

Dealer spaces are 8’ wide and 7’ deep in size. The cost per space is $95.00 (USD). Due to space constraints, Congregate can only offer a maximum of 3 spaces to any dealer.

Dealer space locations will be assigned solely at the discretion of the ConGregate staff.

Dealer spaces do not include tables. Dealers are free to bring their own tables and/or displays at no charge, but those materials must easily fit inside the dealer’s space(s).

ConGregate can arrange for the hotel to provide the Dealer with six (6) foot rectangular tables, for an additional charge of $60.00 each (price is set by the hotel). 

Each dealer space includes (1) membership to the convention. Additional memberships may be purchased by the dealer at a special rate of $25.00 per membership, up to a maximum of two (2) additional memberships per space. Special price memberships must be purchased prior to June 30. 

Beginning in 2022, the hotel starting proving wi-fi free of charge in the convention space. The login information will be able at the Dealer Ops table in the dealer room.

Dealer is expected to provide enough labor for load-in, load-out and to operate their booth. Due to liability issues, ConGregate is not able to provide any labor for the dealer.

Dealer spaces will not be held for longer than 2 weeks without a signed contract.  

Once the signed contract is returned to ConGregate, an invoice will be emailed to the dealer beginning in February of 2024. Payment can be made either by credit card or check (made out to ConGregate Productions). Verified payment to ConGregate must be received within 2 weeks of the invoice date. Spaces not paid for will be sold to other vendors on a first come basis.

If the convention is cancelled, a full refund will be issued. If the Dealer cancels before April 1, 2024, a refund minus a 10% fee will be issued. For cancellations between April 1 and June 1, 2024, 50% will be refunded. After June 1st, no refund will be issued.

Vendors agree to release, absolve, and hold blameless ConGregate, including the host hotel, convention committee, ConGregate Productions, Inc. and all other agents thereof against all costs, damages, losses and liabilities resulting from any accident, bodily injury or property loss occurring to any person or persons including exhibitor, exhibitor’s agents, and/or employees, or attendees of the convention arising out of or resulting from the exhibitor’s use and occupancy of the exhibit area or any part thereof.

ConGregate does not guarantee any specific attendance figures for the convention and/or any expected sales figures for the dealer during the weekend of the convention.

Dealer assumes all financial risk associated with setting up at ConGregate.

ConGregate will take reasonable precautions for security in the exhibit area during posted dealer room hours. We will endeavor to make sure the doors are locked at all other times. However, the ultimate responsibility for all merchandise and exhibits resides with the owner/operator of said exhibit/dealer space.

It is the responsibility of the dealer/exhibitor to collect tax and pass it along to the state of North Carolina.

There are a very limited number electrical outlets in the dealer room. ConGregate will meet as many requests for electrical power as possible, however, ConGregate will not be able to guarantee that electricity will be available to any dealer. Dealers have the option to have the hotel run additional power at current rates (as of June 2023, the cost was $60.00). Electrical needs must be specified on the contract.  (We recommend the dealers bring a heavy duty, grounded extension cord.)

Dealer agrees to abide by the following additional rules:

  1. All convention rules and policies listed in the program book (also available on the convention’s website) - including safety precautions for COVID-19.
  2. Dealer agrees not to place any items in front of any neighboring exhibits/dealer spaces.
  3. Dealer shall not rent or give away any part of their assigned dealer space to a third party without express permission of ConGregate’s Convention Chairman.
  4. Dealer shall not set-up any sound system or video presentation without express permission of ConGregate’s Convention Chairman.
  5. Dealer shall not sell any merchandise that incorporates any licensed or copyrighted material, without appropriate permission, if doing so would violate intellectual property (IP) law. ConGregate might require dealer to provide verifiable written permission to use that person or company’s IP.
  6. Dealer shall not sell any merchandise which is alive (yes, it's happened).
  7. Dealer will not sell food (it's a violation of the convention's hotel contract). 
  8. Dealer agrees that ConGregate has the right to ask the dealer to remove any objectionable materials or merchandise from the convention space.
  9. Dealer will comply with all written municipal, state and federal laws.
  10. Dealer shall not hang anything on walls of the hotel. Dealer may make arrangements with the hotel to hang any banners, signs, etc. Charges will likely apply.
  11. Dealer will have their space set up and functioning during all three (3) days of the convention. 
  12. ConGregate can cancel this contract, if the convention finds ample cause, based on the dealer’s actions.

Please make sure you read the rules & policies for the Dealer Room.

NOTE: We are not ConCarolinas - we are a different con completely.


2024 Dealer Room Wait List


I have read and understand the dealer room policies.

You will not be charged from this application. A formal contract will be sent out where you must fill out the number of desired spaces, tables and additional memberships.