ConGregate 10

Note: Due to the possibility of unforeseen professional conflicts, all guests are considered tentative until they arrive at the convention. Registration is for the convention as a whole, and is not tied to any specific guests or events.

Guests or Honor


Sherilynn Kenyon image

Sherrilyn Kenyon
Guest of Honor

Jody Lynn Nye image

Jody Lynn Nye
Guest of Honor

Valentine Wolfe image

Valentine Wolfe
Guests of Honor

Maurice Broaddus image

Maurice Broaddus
SAGA Guest of Honor

Special Guests


Bill Fawcett image

Bill Fawcett
Special Guest

Les Johnson image

Les Johnson
Special Guest

Mikey Mason image

Mikey Mason
Special Guest


1. Maurice Broaddus is appearing as part of SAGA. He might also be available for some of ConGregate's programming (TBD).

2. Mikey Mason's appearance is sponsored by The Geekery Market and Falstaff Books.