ConGregate 10

Con Rules

Note about online behavior - For the virtual spaces that ConGregate controls, we expect everyone to adhere to the same standards we have presented in all of our policies that pertain to "at the convention" behavior.

1. When you are in the convention areas, you must wear your badge. Lost badges will only be replaced once. The basic gist here is: yes, you have to wear your stinking badges.

2. The staff of ConGregate reserves the right to toss anyone (members, guests, dealers, volunteers... anyone) out of the convention, without a refund, if they are behaving like a jerk. ConGregate’s management will be the sole arbiters of what constitutes "behaving like a jerk." We follow Wheaton's Law.  Also, we believe in the concept of Investigate, Educate, and then Adjudicate. 

3. Certain COVID-19 safety rules may apply this year. Please see our most recent policies on that topic.

4. Please be aware that harassment falls under rule number two (2) above. Keep in mind that the determination of what is harassing  behavior is typically defined by the VICTIM.  We will only consider intent when determining the fate of anyone we feel is guilty of harassing their fellow con-goers. Please see our full harassment policy.

5. ConGregate requires that you provide your real name when you register for the convention. An alias can be used on your badge, but our database must have your real name associated with it. Anyone who provides false information to the convention may be asked to leave the con, without a refund.

6. Mother always said, “Don’t run in the house!” The same applies to the con site.

7. Do not tear up the hotels! We like it here and want to come back at some point. If you have a lapse in judgment, and we catch you wrecking one of the hotels... well,.. go back and read rule number 2.

8. You may only hang signs on the walls of the hotels (this includes the elevators) with the hotel’s permission. Special materials, and possibly labor, will need to be provided by the hotel. Fees for those services will almost certainly apply.

9. No camping out in the convention spaces after the con closes for the night - even if you aren't actually sleeping. This is a liability issue for the con.

10. Bladed weapons must be sheathed and peace-bonded at all times. All other actual weapons are prohibited in the con space (Ballrooms, Prefunction Space, and ConSuite). Blasters and fake weapons are permitted if you swing by the reg desk first and allow us to “peace-bond” it (which usually consists of tying orange ribbon around the barrel). 

11. The staff of ConGregate cannot permit unauthorized* vendors to sell anything at the convention. The dealers have paid good money to be here and it’s simply not fair to them otherwise.

12. Please switch your cell phones, and other electronic devices, to silent ring while you are in the programming rooms. If you do receive a call, we ask that you leave the room before you answer your phone.

13. Please be aware of, and courteous to, your fellow conventioneers as you navigate the walk spaces in the convention. In particular, try not to block the aisles in the dealer room, the panel rooms, or the pre-function areas. As some of our fellow con-goers need assistance with mobility, it’s important to not block the path of others.

14. As with most locations, our host hotel makes a good chunk of its money from catering. It is one way they can help keep your convention costs low. You may not eat food in the con space unless it was purchased from the hotel. Your options this weekend are: you can eat what you buy from the hotel, go out to eat, or eat in your personal room.

15. The hotel has requested that no “outside” alcohol be brought into the con areas. We encourage you to patronize the hotel bars, visit a nearby pub or brewery, or to drink in your private hotel rooms & suites. Also, do not carry alcohol from one hotel to another.

16. ConGregate is not responsible for items lost during the convention. As each of us has lost stuff from time to time, we can sympathize with you. We’ll even try to help you find said items. We cannot, however, afford to replace them. Sorry.

17. While the convention organizers encourage members to bring their children to ConGregate, we ask that parents take an active role in monitoring the events in which their children participate. Some events (and most parties) may not be suitable for all ages. Also, please be aware that ConGregate is not a daycare service. Children left unattended may be remanded to the care of Child Protective Services.

18. ConGregate typically offers a “Kids Track,” during specific times during the convention. There will be activities specifically designed for children. Feel free to take your children there if they need a break from the con. Please be aware, however, that this area is not designed as daycare.

19. No smoking (or vaping) inside the hotel. Smoking areas are available outside of the hotel.

20. We believe in the “no costume is no costume” rule. Naked people are not quite appropriate for ConGregate’s common areas.

21. There are specific rules regarding photography. You can find them here.

22. Since discussions of a political nature have a tendency to become incendiary, we ask that you limit those to your private hotel rooms or outside of the hotel. While members of our staff support many worthy causes, we ask that you not turn our convention into a battleground.

23. No rule listed here supersedes local law, state law, federal law or hotel policy. You still have to obey those strictures.

24. And, finally, our most important rule during the convention is: HAVE FUN!

*Authorized equals anyone with a valid contract for the Dealer Room and Hallway Spaces, or anyone with scheduled time at the signings table in the dealer room.  The signings table is typically limited to books and autographs.

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