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Maurice Broaddus

SAGA Guest of Honor

Maurice Broaddus is a multi-talented author, editor, and community organizer with a diverse portfolio of work. As a prolific writer, Broaddus has authored a dozen novels, including the urban fantasy trilogy “The Knights of Breton Court,” steampunk works such as “Buffalo Soldier” and “Pimp My Airship,” and middle-grade detective novels like “The Usual Suspects.” He has nearly 100 short stories to his name, which have appeared in esteemed publications like “Lightspeed Magazine,” “Asimov’s,” and “Uncanny Magazine,” with some stories collected in “The Voices of Martyrs.” In addition to his literary works, his project “Sorcerers” is being adapted as a television show for AMC.

In his various roles beyond writing, Broaddus serves as an accidental teacher at the Oaks Academy Middle School, an accidental librarian in the IndyPL Shared System, and a purposeful community organizer, holding the title of resident Afrofuturist at the Kheprw Institute. His extensive contributions to the world of gaming include writing for the Marvel Super-Heroes, Leverage, and Firefly role-playing games, consulting for Watch Dogs 2 and Dungeons & Dragons, and crafting tie-in fiction for various games. Passionate about both his craft and his community, Broaddus is deeply involved in efforts to uplift and improve the lives of those around him. Learn more about him at

Mr. Broaddus may, or may not, participate in ConGregate specific programming.