ConGregate 9

July 14-16, 2023 | Downtown Marriott & The Embassy Suites | Winston-Salem, NC

Guests of the Convention

Note: Due to the possibility of unforeseen professional conflicts, all guests are considered tentative until they arrive at the convention. Registration is for the convention as a whole, and is not tied to any specific events or guests.

Featured Guests

John Scalzi image

John Scalzi
Guest of Honor

Hugo-winning and New York Times bestselling author of Old Man's War, Redshirts, and The Kaiju Preservation Society

stackpole image

Michael A. Stackpole
Guest of Honor

Multiple New York Times bestselling author of various Star Wars, Conan, Pathfinder, BattleTech, and World of Warcraft novels


Guest Emeritus

allen wold image

Allen L. Wold 
(possible appearance)